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Move over Coca Cola, CVS, Berkshire Hathaway – Here are the 10 Most Important Companies in the Cannabis Industry

from Cannabis Business Executive
When you think about the large pharmacy chains in the U.S., a few names like CVS, RiteAid, and Walgreens come to mind. When you think about large retail players in the Cannabis Industry, The Clinic, with over 115 employees, is well on its way to becoming one of them. read more

Where There’s Smoke

from Golf Digest
The first tee at Denver’s City Park Golf Course sits at an elevation of 5,250 feet, just short of a mile high. If a player has ingested two cannabis-infused lemon drops and part of a gingerbread cookie laced with 100 milligrams of THC, as I recently did, it will feel a little higher. read more

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Dispensary Into Google Places

I was stoked when Chris Silver Smith turned us all on to the potential issues with marijuana and local search last month. As an early dabbler in helping marijuana dispensaries figure out local SEO, I, too, think it’s high time to help marketers recognize the challenges and opportunities in this fast-growing industry. read more

If You Support Legal Marijuana, Memorize These 13 Stats

from Huffington Post
Regardless of your feelings about legalizing marijuana, it’s hard to deny that legal weed would be a bonanza for cash-strapped states, just as tobacco and alcohol already are. With Colorado and Washington starting to tax and regulate recreational weed sales, and medical marijuana legal in 18 other states, we can finally start to put some hard numbers on the industry’s value. read more

Colorado officials, pot businesses clash over inventory tracking

from Denver Post
On the cusp of recreational marijuana sales in Colorado, business owners and state regulators are at odds over a high-tech system that is supposed to track the substance from seed to sale. The inventory tracking system is incompatible with software many stores already use and requires the purchase of nonreusable tags from the state’s contractor, prompting industry complaints about cost, waste and monopolization. read more

Small number of retail pot shops expected to open in Denver on Jan. 1

from Denver Post
Only a small number of retail marijuana shops are expected to open in Denver on Jan. 1, when the historic law begins to allow the legal commercial sale of pot.

“I don’t think it is going to be the huge rollout that most people think on Jan. 1,” Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said in an interview with The Denver Post in which he voiced opposition to marijuana legalization. read more

Marijuana master grower Jay Price’s mission to help MS patients

from The Westword (William Breathes)
Of all the conditions that bring patients to The Clinic Medical Marijuana Centers, one is especially important to master grower Jay Price: multiple sclerosis. He knows which strains help the muscle pains and which strains help the eye spasms or the depression that often comes from battling the incurable disease. read more

How To Open A Pot Dispensary

from HighTimes
So your bags are packed, the U-Haul is loaded, and you’re ready to join the thousands who want to try their luck at starting a marijuana business in Colorado. It’s a big business: CNBC estimates that, nationwide, cannabis may be as much as a $45 billion industry these days. And as of January 1, 2014, anyone is able to walk through the doors of a pot dispensary in Colorado and purchase their first bag of legal weed. read more

Building Your Dispensary Brand Through Interior Design

from The High Road Design Studio
What does it mean to brand a space? It means a few things, actually. If you ask a cowboy, it means burning a mark or symbol into the space on his animal’s rear end for identification. (Unfortunately, this blog is not about cowboys.) If you ask Seth Godin—not the worst person to ask about this, by far—he will tell you that “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” read more

Many Colorado pot business owners don’t have marijuana backgrounds

from Denver Post
One is a former oil man. Another was the president of a company that produced baby sleep positioners. There’s a boutique real estate developer of an Aspen hotel and a 32-year-old former commercial banker who opened her own consulting company. read more

Medical marijuana dispensaries turn to charity to improve image

from Denver Post
Recreational weed may be a reality in Colorado in the wake of Amendment 64, but its older brother, the medical-marijuana industry, continues to face financial and public-relations hurdles in winning acceptance from the wider business community.

Few know that better than the owners of Colorado’s 675 medical- marijuana dispensaries, many of which have met heated opposition when trying to become established in neighborhoods across the state. read more

For Immediate Release: The Clinic Wins 3 Awards At High Times US Cannabis Cup

(DENVER) – April 29, 2013 – The Clinic, Denver’s premier medical marijuana center, continued its winning streak at the 1st annual High Time’s US Cannabis Cup this past weekend, April 20-21. The Clinic entered several top tier strains in multiple categories and won three awards.

The Clinic’s Tangie was awarded 1st Place Best Sativa for medical cannabis. Also in the same category, last year’s 1st Place Best Sativa winner, Stardawg Guava, was awarded 3rd Place Best Sativa.

The Clinic’s third award came in the Best Hybrid category as the strain Ghost OG took home 3rd place.

DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada, companies affiliated with The Clinic, also walked away from the High Times Cannabis Cup with awards. DNA Genetics won 3rd Place in the US Cup flower category with Kosher Kush, the same strain that The Clinic won Patients’ Choice at last year’s High Times event. Reserva Privada won 1st Place in the US Cup concentrate category with Tangie Shatter, a cannabis concentrate made from this year’s 1st Place Best Sativa strain Tangie.

“At The Clinic, we strive to develop products that support our mission to keep the focus on our patients. At the end of the day, we share this win with all of our patients who benefit from the products we create at the Clinic and Reserva Privada Colorado,” said Ryan Cook, The Clinic’s General Manager.

Reserva Privada Colorado (RPC), the Clinic’s cannabis genetics division, also launched their second release of cannabis seeds, the Sour Series, which uses the very popular Sour Diesel strain as their male pollen donor. This release of cannabis seeds is available at all of the The Clinic’s Denver metro locations as well as some affiliate centers.

“This weekend was also a great success for Reserva Privada Colorado. Currently, RPC seeds are available at over a dozen dispensaries throughout Colorado but our genetics team generated a lot of interest at the Cannabis Cup and more dispensaries are planning to carry RPC in the near future” said Cook.

The Clinic will be offering all their winning strains, along with many others at each of their six locations in Colorado.


About The Clinic:
The Clinic Colorado is an award-winning medical marijuana center with six locations in the Denver
metro are. For more information on the Clinic and their strategic partnerships with DNA Genetics,
Heady Glass and TI Power, visit or find them on Facebook, Twitter and WeedMaps.

About Reserva Privada Colorado:
Reserva Pivada Colorado is the Colorado’s newest genetics company, owned and operation by The
Clinic Medical Marijuana Center. For more information on Reserva Privado Colorado visit or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The Clinic Dominates The 1st High Times US Cannabis Cup

from Marijuana.Com
The first ever “Legal” Cannabis Cup went down in Denver this weekend, and while it was a hazy weekend, one things for certain: The Clinic of Colorado dominated. With five locations in Denver, The Clinic and its affiliates once again took home a king’s ransom, landing five total awards and two first places (Mixed Hash and Flower Sativa). read more

William Breathes offers his opinion about the delay to opening The Clinic Highlands

Medical marijuana dispensary The Clinic buys day-care center that delayed Highland opening by William Breathes
The owners of a Highland day-care center, who objected in June to The Clinic, a medical marijuana center, moving into the neighborhood, sold their business and building to the MMC earlier this month, allowing the pot shop to finally open their doors last Saturday after a two-month delay. read more

Now Higher-ing: Local Budtender

Denver’s Newest MMJ Critic Stops by The Clinic

303 Magazine’s Connie Chronnoisseur Reviews The Clinic by Connie Chronnoisseur
All my Colfax-stereotyping notions disappeared the moment I stepped onto The Clinic’s front porch. A neat row of chairs, each staffed with a clipboard and paperwork, filled the cozy, sun-warmed room. A security door segued patients into a large waiting room filled with overstuffed chairs, reading material and a gigantic flat-screen TV, tuned to a sports channel. It was less like a dispensary and more like the living room of a friend whose home is perpetually filled with delicious, sweet aromas and ridiculously nice and helpful people.. read more

Acclaimed Medical Marijuana Critic Reviews The Clinic On Colfax

The Clinic Warms Up Colfax by William Breathes
Our take: I finally bought ganja on East Colfax. Legally, that is. I’ve avoided going to dispensaries on Colfax for some time now. Not because of any paranoia about my safety, but because I didn’t want to perpetuate those tired clichés about our city’s most famous and infamous thoroughfare, and how you can get anything you want along the 26-mile-long strip. But after a friend showed me the Sour Diesel from the Clinic Alternative Medicine, I figured the time had come to brave the ‘Fax. read more Sits Down with The Clinic’s GM

Higher Hurdles for Colorado’s Medical Marijuana EntrepreneursBy Bruce Kennedy
“There are no dispensaries walking in and getting [bank] loans to go ahead and construct a new building and other things small businesses would have access to,” says Ryan Cook, general manager of The Clinic Alternative Medicine. His company currently has three MMJ centers in Denver, with several more in the planning stage. Read More

Denver Business Journal - Good Works 01/21/2011

The Clinic Raises $10,223 for MS compiled by Bruce Goldberg
The Clinic, a medical marijuana center, donated $10,223 to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in 2010. It raised $3,500 via participation in Denver’s MS Walk, and nearly $7,000 at its own Clinic Charity Classic golf tournament, held at City Park Golf Course. read more

The Clinic is the Only MMC to Sponsor PrideFest

Parker: Mag jumps at GLBT readership by Penny Parker
Jump! Denver, a new magazine and website aimed at the local gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender population, launched Friday just ahead of PrideFest, the granddaddy of all events that support that community. read more

MSN Money

CO MMCs Face Surveillance, Shorter Hours by Kristen Wyatt
Colorado’s marijuana industry will become the nation’s most regulated later this week, and pot shops are scrambling to comply with new seed-to-sale tracking, shorter business hours and mandatory video surveillance for growing plants and finished products. read more

New Colorado rules not curbing growth of medical-marijuana industry

From Denver Post
As Colorado’s new tougher regulations on the medical marijuana business take hold — rules its sponsors predicted would curb sales — the industry is showing remarkable resilience. The state Department of Revenue is preparing to issue its first dispensary licenses and to aggressively enforce the new regulations. read more

Denver Business Journal - Good Works 07/01/2011

The Clinic Raises over $12k for MS compiled by Bruce Goldberg
HELPING MS: The Clinic, a medical marijuana center, raised more than $12,000 for the MS Society with its participation in the MS Walk on May 7. read more