The Clinic’s Mission

Hundreds of marijuana centers exist, but only The Clinic works…

  • To better understand and facilitate the needs of our patients, making sure they have the most enjoyable and comfortable experiences with medical marijuana
  • To respect and honor the laws about medical marijuana set forth by the great state of Colorado under Colorado Amendment 20
  • To create and maintain an atmosphere in our dispensaries based on professionalism, compassion, security, and privacy
  • To provide the widest variety of the highest grade medical marijuana for our patients at all of our dispensaries
  • To set the highest standard for customer service in the medical marijuana industry
  • To help keep our local community safe, clean, and peaceful
  • To help eliminate negative stigmas attached to medical marijuana, dispensaries and patients in need through industry-leading service and through charitable outreach
  • To support local charities, local culture and the local economy
  • To create a positive example in both the medical marijuana industry and for other communities working to revise medical marijuana laws