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Thank you to William Breathes for bringing CNN by our Colfax location. Click Here to view his interview and see The Clinic. Hope he enjoyed the Cough and pre-rolled cone.

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The Clinic Warms Up Colfax by William Breathes
Our take: I finally bought ganja on East Colfax. Legally, that is. I’ve avoided going to dispensaries on Colfax for some time now. Not because of any paranoia about my safety, but because I didn’t want to perpetuate those tired clichés about our city’s most famous and infamous thoroughfare, and how you can get anything you want along the 26-mile-long strip. But after a friend showed me the Sour Diesel from the Clinic Alternative Medicine, I figured the time had come to brave the ‘Fax. read more Sits Down with The Clinic’s GM

Higher Hurdles for Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Entrepreneurs By BRUCE KENNEDY

“There are no dispensaries walking in and getting [bank] loans to go ahead and construct a new building and other things small businesses would have access to,” says Ryan Cook, general manager of The Clinic Alternative Medicine. His company currently has three MMJ centers in Denver, with several more in the planning stage. Read More