93 Hoppy Trees


A collaborative sustainability project between Denver Beer Co, Earthly Labs, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and The Clinic.

The pilot program aimed to capture waste carbon dioxide (CO2) at Denver Beer Co during the fermentation process, sell and deliver it to The Clinic’s cannabis grow operations, and use the CO2 to stimulate cannabis plant growth. The pilot revealed the ability for Denver Beer Co to keep the equivalent of 93 trees worth of CO2 from the atmosphere, while providing The Clinics’ CO2 needs for a complete 16 week harvest at a 15% reduced cost to commercial CO2.

The cannabis plants met their key growth milestones at the different phases of growth from propagation to vegetation, and flowering, and emerged healthy demonstrating expected weight and yield as compared to commercial CO2 sources.

You can find our 100% recycled Co2 grown flower products on shelves starting July 3rd, 2020 across all stores. We will have a variety of strains available, order online for faster service!

Read the full press release, here.

Better Buds for a Better Environment

Available July 3rd in-store


Starting July 3rd, you will find our 100% recycled co2 grown buds in stores and online. Look out for the special 93 Hoppy Trees seal on your flower products, that’s how you know it was responsibly grown!

Don’t see your favorite strain? We will be releasing various strains all summer as we continue harvesting.

WATCH: Press Conference with Governor Jared Polis at The Clinic

Governor Jared Polis visited The Clinic when our pilot program with Denver Beer Co kicked off. Click the button below to watch the full press conference on why this is so important for Colorado’s environment and economy.


WATCH: Earthly Labs Explains How Cici Works

Without Cici, none of this would be possible! Learn more about how Earthly Labs’ technology recaptures and cleans CO2.

Time Lapse in the Grow

We set up a GoPro camera around our facility in order to track the progress of our plants grown with Denver Beer Co.’s recycled CO2. You will notice the video jumps around, this is because of the many different growing phases of cannabis. We start in the vegetation room and end in our main grow room, where the plants are harvested.

Look for the Seal


Not sure if the bud you’re buying is part of the 93 Hoppy Trees project? Look for the 93 Hoppy Trees seal!

We will be putting this seal on all of our products grown with 100% recycled CO2. It can be found in our online menu when shopping as well as on the products themselves in-store.

Product hits shelves on July 3rd, visit our online ordering page to purchase.

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