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Colorado Amendment 20
Corporate Philosophy Statement:

The laws governing the use of Medical Marijuana in the State of Colorado were drastically changed in 2000 with the passing of Colorado Amendment 20. CA 20 made “medical use of marijuana for persons suffering from debilitating medical conditions” legal and protected by state law .   The Clinic operates within the confines of Colorado state law in a respectful and honorable manner.  Although The Clinic is one of hundreds of Medical Marijuana Centers/ dispensaries located in the Denver area, the company takes pride in being different from the rest.  The professionalism and excellence of this company, combined with compassionate care and a dose of social activism make The Clinic a shining example for companies in the Medical Marijuana field. 

While most Medical Marijuana Centers/ dispensaries are in business simply to turn a profit, The Clinic centers its business practices on its obligation to provide MMJ patients with the highest level of compassionate care.  This compassionate care extends beyond simply providing Medical Marijuana; it provides patient services in many corners of the Holistic Health realm.  The Clinic is devoted to maintaining an extremely safe and private atmosphere for patients to access their Medical Marijuana without feeling the common apprehensions.  These anxieties are a result of the negative stigmas attached to the drug by a more conservative society, and it is a mission of The Clinic to work on the public relations level to educate the public about the misgivings of these preconceived notions.  This will help prospective patients get the relief they need without having to rely on often harmful and ineffective medicines. 

The Clinic operates according to the highest standards of professionalism and compassionate care.  This involves having a deep understanding of the needs of its patients.  This also involves having the business sense to implement such programs successfully.  The staff is highly trained to deal with all types of patients, making the experience pleasurable and comfortable.  The Clinic is obligated to provide the cleanest, highest quality medical cannabis for its patients.  Providing the widest range of first-rate cannabis is just another extension of this company‚Äôs duties to its patients.   The strain selectors are extremely passionate about the product they provide, and the cannabis goes through extensive testing before being offered to patients.  The Clinic is always at the forefront of the cannabis movement, and their inventory is a testament to this. 

Beyond providing the medicine and a safe place to access it, The Clinic prides itself on being a functioning and caring member of its local community.  The Clinic strives to break down the negative stigmas attached to the industry and to be understood for what it really is: a caring and compassionate holistic health provider.  The Clinic is dedicated to helping maintain a safe, clean, and peaceful local community.  Once the more skeptical factions of society are educated about the myriad of benefits associated with Medical Marijuana, they will join the march towards a more peaceful and compassionate world. 

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The Clinic Charity Classic Golf Tournament
August 21st, 2010 at the City Park Golf Course

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