Introducing The Lab’s Live Resin Pods, Exclusively for PAX Era™

by | Sep 29, 2016 | New Products |

The cannabis industry is changing and it’s becoming harder for companies to stand out from the rest; until now. The Lab’s award-winning team is proud to announce the first ever premium live resin pods, made exclusively for PAX Era™. The pods and PAX Era™ hit stores today. These high-end concentrate pods come in various strains and are available in CBD as well. The future of vaping is here.

“The Lab’s revolutionary live resin pods truly enhance the vape experience. The sleek and leak resistant technology combined with live resin from the award-winning team at The Lab is a perfect match for any cannabis vaping enthusiast.”
-Sunni Marsden, Vape Sales Manager.

Taste the Difference

The Lab’s premium live resin combined with PAX’s superior vapor technology come together to create the perfect match. The concentrate pods have a distinct terpene profile with an amazing aroma and flavor to better enhance your PAX experience.

Convenience is Key

The pods can easily be changed out thanks to a convenient, SimpleClick compatibility. This makes it quicker for you, the user, to switch pods out when needed. Gone are the days of screw in cartridges.

No More Leaking

Nothing is worse than finding out your vaporizer is leaking product. Worry no more, the cutting-edge design of the pods and device put an end to oil leakage. Finally a solution to an issue that’s continues to plague the vaping industry.

The Right Temp

Thanks to the advanced temperature control features of the PAX Era™, you’re guaranteed a wonderful vaping experience every time.

There’s an App for That

PAX will also be releasing the PAX Vapor App today to interact directly with the PAX Era™ for an even more enhanced vape experience. You can easily download the app for free from Apple and Google Play stores. Inside the app you’ll will be able to access precise temperature settings, down to the single degree, remote lock your device, customize LED themes and much more.

Get Yours Today

The secret’s out and we cannot wait for you to experience the future of vaping. Stop into any of our locations to get yours today. Keep an eye out for these products in other dispensaries such as Buddy Boy, LivWell Enlightened Health, Live Green and more. To find out how to get the pods and PAX Era in your dispensary or to see the full list, visit this website.

Make your friends jealous, only dab The Lab. To learn more about The Lab, check out their website and visit them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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