From The Budtender: Talking Pain Management with Ryan Jackson from our Highlands location

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Budtender Feature

If you’ve visited our Highlands location, then you’ve probably met Ryan Jackson. Ryan first started at The Clinic in August 2017. Before getting into the cannabis industry, he was a manager for eight years in the coffee world. “I was taking people up, and now I’m chilling them out,” said Jackson.

Being a medical patient himself, Jackson wanted to have the opportunity to share how marijuana has helped him, so he left coffee for cannabis. Now he uses that opportunity to educate people as well as himself on new products and which ones are the best for specific ailments.

Born with an extra half of a hemivertebrae, Jackson has suffered from pain from having a rod in his back, a bone fusion as well as slight scoliosis. Cannabis has helped him manage his pain while improving his quality of life to be one of happiness and fulfillment.

If your lack pain management is intruding on your day-to-day functions like working or getting a good nights sleep, check out these four products that Ryan recommends. The best part about these recommendations is that there’s something for everyone.


Products for Pain Management

CBx Sciences- Meditate Botanical Vapes

This disposable vape combines THC, CBD, and CBN with botanicals such as Passion Flower, Thyme and Sage creating a solution for someone managing their pain that doesn’t want to inhale smoke or burn flower. Over the last two years vaping cannabis has become increasingly more popular due to its ease as portability.

“This is the perfect thing to have next to your bed if you’re waking up from pain or having issues falling asleep. A couple puffs, and you’re out,” adds Jackson.


Mary’s Medicinals- CBN Capsules and Patch

Among the 400 cannabinoids, CBN is starting to gain more buzz.

Similar to CBD, this cannabinoid also brings a unique combination of benefits and effects such as pain relief, anti-inflammatory and more. The results are non-psychoactive but produce a sedative effect just the same.

Fun Fact: When THC is exposed to oxygen over time, it ends up converting to CBN.

Mary’s Medicinals has a line full of one of a kind, innovative products.

CBN Patches:

These patches are perfect for someone who might be a little older and not looking for the psychoactive effect that THC can give off. Only taking about 40 minutes to kick in, this patch is an excellent choice for all-day pain management.

The best application would be inner write or the top of the foot. A full patch will release for eight hours, but they can be cut in half for a quick pain relief option.


CBN Capsules:

Similar to the patches, Mary’s CBN capsules are perfect for someone who is already used to taking pills for an ailment. These capsules wear off after six hours and are 5mg a piece.






Coda Signature- 100mg Maple & Pecan Milk Chocolate Bar

If edibles are more your go-to way to medicate, then Coda is the way to go. By using a distilled cannabis oil, the results are fast acting, and a perfect pain reliving pick me up.





By now, you might have a better understanding of ways to manage your pain using cannabis. If you have any additional questions or seek other recommendations, visit any of our four locations today.

“Honesty and personal testimonials are the best way to build customer loyalty. When you’re honest and passionate, people can feel it and become more invested in the experience,” Jackson added.

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