Marijuana 101

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Back Cross – BX

Breeding a specific plant with its own parent to bring the resulting progeny closer to the original plant


The chemicals produced in the plant that cause MMJ to have medicinal and psychoactive effects

Chemdog / Chemdawg

• Many of today’s “elite” strains come from Chemdawg
• Chemdog = person, Chemdawg = strain
• It all began when Chemdog found 13 seeds in an ounce purchased at a Grateful Dead show


A non-sexual reproduction of a plant that results in a plant genetically identical to the donor plant. For our purposes, the donor plant is usually female and referred to as a “mother plant”


The breeding of the male of a particular strain to the female of another strain


The act of slowing the drying process of MMJ in order to allow metabolic processes to continue after harvest. Proper curing is necessary to ensure full flavor, potency, and aroma.


Plants originating from higher elevations. Usually this designation would indicate being closer to an indica expression of the characteristics of the plant.


The crossing of a sativa with an indica, or one strain to another strain


The art of fertilizing a plant via the application of water soluble chemical nutrients to an inert growing medium

Inbred Line - IBL

A plant that has been repeatedly bred to its own ancestors or progeny for purposes of stabilizing the genetics


• Body type high, relaxing, “stoned”
• More sedative
• Narcotic like high
• “Nighttime” medicine
• Evolved in colder climates
• Leaves are thick and darker green
• Plants grow short and stocky
• Plants mature quickly

Landrace Strain

A strain that has evolved naturally, without human influence to come its current genetic state


Plants originating from lower elevations. Usually this designation would indicate being closer to a sativa expression of the characteristics of the plant.

Mother Plant

The donor plant that a clone is taken from to produce a new plant genetically identical to the plant it was taken from


Growing a plant by using only compounds produced by other living organisms, and not the addition of chemical fertilizers


The observable physical characteristics of a specific plant, as determined by both genetic makeup and environmental influences. With the same parents, the resulting offspring can have nearly infinite different phenotypes, but each trait will come from one of the parents whether or not that trait was expressed in the parent

Relative Ratio

The ratio of the cannabinoids normalized to a total of 10.


• Cerebral, soaring type of high
• More energetic
• Psychedelic type high
• “Daytime” medicine
• Evolved in warm climates
• Leaves are thin and lighter green
• Plants grow tall and lanky
• Plants mature slowly


A young plant that has been grown from seed

Soil Growing

Nutrients needed for growth are provided by the grow medium itself rather than in a water soluble form

Super Soil

An organic growing medium that requires no additional nutrients added to it

Disclaimer: Due to the previously clandestine nature of cannabis cultivation and breeding, there is a lack of confirmed history to many strains.