Cultivator’s Collection: Pot Zero

by | Apr 22, 2019 | New Products

It’s been over a year since we opened up our Recreational side to third-party cultivations, and the feedback has been wonderful. To add some more spice to the mix three of our Cultivars have joined the PAX Era train and have come out with their own pods. We bring you, The Cultivator’s Collection.

Pot Zero stands for “Zero Carbon Footprint”, making them the only zero carbon footprint cultivation in Colorado. This self-sustaining cannabis cultivation resides out West in Gypsum, Colorado, where their farm is something you’d only see in the movies.

Why did you guys decide to get your flower into pods?

We wanted to have Pot Zero in PAX pods for a convenient alternative in a popular device for customers to enjoy Pot Zero’s organically grown marijuana. All of our Live Resin is harvested and frozen within 15 minutes for the freshest taste possible.


What separates your pod from others?

Pot Zero offers PAX pods with high CBG and high terpene levels. Our Panama Kush flower tested at 2.21% terpenes, so this live resin is extremely flavorful! The three main terpenes are beta-Caryophyllene, beta-Myrcene, and alpha-Humulene. In addition to plenty of THC, the Panama Kush live resin has 2.59% CBG. Our Comfortably Numb distillate in the Pax Pod offers 5.77% CBG. This formulation is designed to express the highest level of CBG available along with THC for a Comfortably Numb entourage.

About Pot Zero (taken from their website)

• Cultivated with indigenous composted material utilizing cutting edge organic growing methods.

• Irrigated with snowmelt water sourced from a pristine 12,500 ft mountain directly above the plantation. They call this from Snow to Grow.

• Their power is produced by our their hydro-electric turbine for all electrical power. This is 100% sustainable and zero carbon footprint electricity and the only marijuana cultivator using this technology.

• The rest of the energy is provided by the sun. Their entire process is bio-dynamic, as they utilize composted animal waste from our cattle herd for nutrients and fertilizer. There are no chemicals used on any of their marijuana plants!

• Colorado’s leading environmentally friendly marijuana brand, Pot Zero, shows how they use snow melt water directly from pristine 12,500 ft mountain to grow the cleanest marijuana at their plantation.

“We are blessed with fantastic mountain loam soil, intense ultraviolet light because of our 8,200-foot elevation, and water that comes directly to our property from a pristine 12,500-foot mountain. We also have cows and horses that we use for natural fertilizer,” says owner Rob Trotter.

Stayed tuned as we feature Veritas’ Pods next week. Ask your budtender for a Pot Zero pod today.



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