Cannabis With Effects: Meet 1906

by | Feb 3, 2019 | Featured Vendors

Edibles haven’t always had the best reputation. You’re either accidentally overconsuming or struggling to get past the overly hashy taste of your edible of choice. As the industry continues to expand, so do the methods of edible companies. 1906 is changing the game.

“We are edibles for high functioning adults,” said Account Manager Ashley Garvey.

1906 was the year they passed the Wiley Act (also known as the Pure Food and Drug Act). This Act effectively started the era of the prohibition of cannabis. 1906 is on a mission to bring marijuana back to its pre-prohibition status as a mainstream, widely-used medicine for the greater good (and the greater fun).

These edibles come in five different experiences: GO for ENERGY, MIDNIGHT for SLEEP, BLISS for HAPPINESS, LOVE for AROUSAL and CHILL for RELAXATION.

Aside from the sleek, inviting packaging, 1906 has other key components that cause them to stand out amongst the competition. Garvey goes on to explain:

Rapid Activation:
We use a patented lipid micro-encapsulation process that allows you to feel the edibles within 20 minutes or less. Overall this rapid activation gives the consumer more control over when they expect the high to set in.

Single Strain:
We use pesticide-free single-strains of cannabis to provide very safe, and very consistent experiences.

Plant Medicines:
We combine cannabis with plant medicines from all over the globe to create distinct experiences that enhance your days and nights.
Incredible Flavor: We make super delicious artisanal chocolate in a unique formulation that eliminates all cannabis taste. All you notice is how great the chocolate is.

Every experience is a 1:1 combination of THC and CBD, the way nature intended us to consume cannabis.

Up Close and Personal with Each Experience

CHILL is the ultimate mellow-out cocktail. Using a single-strain indica and two herbs widely used for their calming properties. L-theanine soothes the overactive mind, and Magnolia is used in Chinese medicine to help alleviate anxiety.
Best For soothing sore muscles after a long day of skiing or replacing a couple of glasses of wine.


MIDNIGHT is an all-natural sleep aid that is non-habit-forming, without the drowsy hangover effects of other sleep aids. It contains a blend of single-strain indica cannabis and Corydalis, a traditional Chinese herb that improves the ability to fall asleep and relieves body pain and tension.
Best for the perfect night’s sleep.

LOVE is an aphrodisiac that will make your bed levitate. Contains Blue Dream cannabis and five plant medicines for sensuality, including Damiana to curb inhibition, Catuaba to increase sexual desire, theobromine for energy, Ashwagandha to reduce stress and boost libido, and Muira Puama, known as the “Viagra of the Amazon.” (You can imagine what that does.)
Best for intimacy, but honestly helps you ‘love’ more.


GO is an all natural performance-enhancer made from single-strain cannabis sativa and four natural stimulants for clean energy. A combination

of caffeine and L-theanine gives you a burst of alertness and motivation, Galangal enhances alertness and focus, and theobromine increases blood flow to both the brain and the body.

Best for being productive.



BLISS is a happy time mood enhancer that contains single-strain cannabis and four mood-lifting plant medicines to produce euphoria and a chatty, optimistic feeling. Kanna elevates mood, Magnolia curbs anxiety, L-theanine creates calm contentment, and theobromine gives a clean energy boost. CBD doesn’t hurt either.
Best for concerts.



Love is Delicious

The 1906 Lovers’ Edition is the ultimate V-Day romantic surprise. A delicious blend of super-sensual aphrodisiac herbs and cannabis that will make your bed levitate. The perfect gift, sold in a keepsake box perfect for gifting.




Featuring the same delicious 1906 LOVE formula recently featured in Goop, CNN, Vanity Fair and more. Each Lovers’ Edition chocolate heart contains 10mg THC/CBD and is specially designed to be broken in two for the ultimate couples’ experience. Share the LOVE this Valentine’s Day!




A birds a view from behind the scenes at 1906.

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