Beyond The Patient: Kelli S. from Highlands

by | Mar 16, 2019 | Patient Feature

It’s been wonderful to see how cannabis has helped them over the years. Whether you’re hesitant about using marijuana instead of your prescriptions (please consult your doctor or a licensed professional before going off of anything prescribed to you) or if you’re experiencing similar ailments of your own, this monthly patient feature will help you gain perspective on those utilizing medical cannabis.


“I have been working with Kelli since I started managing The Clinic Highlands, and she is the epitome of why I am in this industry. Even on her roughest days, she comes in with a smile on her face and makes sure everyone in the store gets a hug. I partly think that smile on her face is her knowing that she is about to get the medicine that truly works for her and can let her live her most fulfilling life.” said store manager Hannah M.

Kelli S. has been a medical patient for almost two years and a Member with The Clinic for about a year. She suffers from pain from the failure of a pelvic mesh implant. The surgeries to fix it ended up causing adhesions, chronic bladder spasms, and chronic bladder stones. Also, she just finished chemo for Squamous Cell Carcinoma.


How has having a medical card benefitted you?

KS: It’s allowed me access to tinctures, pills, and capsules that were strong enough to eliminate my need for some prescription medications. With the standardized dosage, I can get exactly the amount of pain relief I need without feeling “out of it”.


What keeps you coming back to The Clinic?

KS: The knowledge of the staff and their genuine concern for my health and comfort is really what keeps me coming back. They took the time to find out who I was and why I was there. From my first visit, they made me feel comfortable asking all those new user questions: How much? What kind? What’s a terpene?

Also, I’m not a smoker and almost exclusively use edibles, capsules, or tinctures. Some dispensaries made me feel like a second-class citizen because I wasn’t asking about flavor profiles or dabs. The staff at The Clinic immediately understood and (what sets them apart), they remember it everytime I come in.


What did you do before cannabis was legal for your pain?


  • Ibuprofen
  • Prescription muscle relaxers and narcotic pain meds
  • TENS unit
  • Massage
  • Physical Therapy
  • Hot baths
  • Self-catheterization.

How has legal cannabis changed things?

KS: I was once on 7 different prescription medications a day and now I’m on one. Also, the only reason I’m willing to use cannabis is because it is legal. As a mother and grandmother, I wasn’t comfortable using something illegal, even though it could be helpful.


How has your illness and using THC/CBD affected your professional life?

KS: I used to be able to work and travel without worrying about pain. I’ve had to change jobs so that I can work from home. My company is fantastic and has given me all the time I need off but it’s a struggle. Also, though I’ll use the straight CBD, I don’t use THC while I’m working/cooking/driving/etc. so sometimes the pain/nausea can get distracting during my working hours.


What products have you found that work best for you?

KS: The 1:1 products really work well for my pain and anxiety. The CBN helps me with sleep and the CBD is my preferred pain reliever. The Wana Indica gummies have been so great for post-op surgical pain, I didn’t even have to take narcotics after my most recent outpatient surgery. They also help stimulate my appetite when eating becomes problematic.

“Over the years, she has brought in multiple family members for us to meet, and they are all as appreciative for this place as she is. She is a shining light to us, and I’m happy she is a part of this awesome Clinic Family,” added Hannah M.


If you happen to be shopping when Kelli is in, she’s probably purchasing Relax & Relief Caps, Wana 1:1 Gummies, Incredible Wellness 1:1 Tincture and Mary’s Medicinal’s CBN Patches (the BEST for getting a restful and restorative night’s sleep). On behalf of everyone at The Clinic, we thank you, Kelli, for sharing your story.

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