12 Days of Christmas Sale

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Sales

You know how the song goes, so we’ll spare you the singing and move onto the savings. We’ve decided to double down on the deals so you can make the most out of this holiday season.


Whether you’re wanting to try something new or are a seasoned grower, we have just what you need. *Clones are not ready, we’ll honor $5 off through end of December, while supplies last.


Medicate yourself discreetly this holiday season with edibles and topicals for 15% off.


Save 20% on all merch. Enjoy watching the Broncos in your orange Clinic shirt while you’re setting up your new Bee Nail electric nail.


Indicas, sativas and hybrids. Take your pick and get 15% off all flower. Try our Stardawg Guava, Fall 97 or Girl Scout Cookies.


Live resin, budder, shatter; oh my! All concentrates are 15% off. This includes #TheLabPods exclusively for the PAX Era, as well as The Lab pen cartridges.


We saved the best for last. If you spend $100 or more, you get 20% off your purchase. This one is for all those last-minute shoppers out there.

Go Forth & Shop

Mark your calendars and set those alarms. We’ll see you next week!

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