the clinic strain book

The Clinic Strain Book is here to provide information regarding the strains that The Clinic is currently cultivating.  The strain book is not a reflection of our current inventory so please check each store’s menu to see what is available.  Also, the new version of The Clinic Strain Book is currently a work in progress and will be updated as new pages are finished or updated. The Strain Book also includes percentages of THC, CBD and CBN for any specific strain and these cannabinoid test results are provided by CannLabs. It should also be noted that strains which have yet to hit our shelves or have been discontinued by The Clinic’s grow staff are not included.  To flip through the pages, click on the corners of each page or use the controls at the top and if you’re not seeing the latest updates please reset your web browser. Enjoy! Last Update: 08/29/2013